The game is one of the most popular card games in Thailand. It is sometimes played while drinking with friends. If you want to get involved in the Thai lifestyle. Then you need to learn first how to play Pok Deng in that way you can also understand the country’s culture. You can also play it through ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์. This kind of game is the most fun and easiest to play with.

Pok Deng

The game is also called Pok Kao. It is a gambling card that is popular in Thailand. The goal is to have one digit in hand to beat the dealer’s while pairing flushes and three of a kind. It has a playing pattern and it can have 2 to 17 players which include the dealer.

How to play PokDeng?

The first step in playing the game is to place all the bets. If you are thinking to gamble by using real money then you need to do it discreetly or you can avoid it. It is strictly illegal to play it in Thailand. Other locals are converting the bets by using candies, drinks, or chips.

Once the bets are in place. The cards will be shuffled by the dealer. It will deal two cards to each of the players with the dealer to be the last. Players can pick either to draw or to stand one more card. Then the dealer will compare the hands to other players. The dealer will draw another card before comparing it to the other players.

What is the setup of the game?

The game can have many players from 2 to 17. But the perfect number of players can only be 3 to 9 players only. Before starting the game the players will pick which is the dealer. They can choose the dealer to stay for the rest of the game or they can decide on which to switch as the game goes on.

Each of the games is short and fast. It could last only a few seconds. The players need to be ready to put their bets in the form of candies, chips, drinks, or cash. This kind of game is always against the dealer and not to the players. The dealer will pick to deal with the cards being counterclockwise or clockwise. But each of the players needs to get two face-down cards with the cards that are being drawn to the pile.

Extra rules to the game

The player will pick to play many hands. As long as the number of players will not be greater than 17. But the player will not share cards between hands. They can choose to bet on each hand.

They can also have a choice to play a single shared hand that should stay in the center. They can place their bets on a certain hand. Which can be dealt first or last and it is played by who put a bet.