Gambling has not been viewed with a welcoming heart for ages in the historic land, India. In the epic Mahabharata, it was clearly shown that gambling for sure is not a friend but a foe that might land us in trouble. And as most of the laws are framed by referring to philosophers, ancient scriptures, holy books, and many other sources, gambling was termed illegal in India.

But here, all we have to talk about is Online data HK Gambling. Is it illegal? Are there any laws made to curtail it? Or is it allowed in specific states? Read on to find out if it is legal and also for the answers to these questions.

Is there a provision or Law for Online Gambling?

The recent events of continuous suicides due to gambling online have raised concerns among the governments and the authorities and brought up a debate among the mental health and cybersecurity experts on whether to ban or regulate it. Although there are laws to curtail Offline Gambling, there is no specific law for either banning or regulating gambling done online. There are indirect laws such as the Information Technology Act, anti-money laundering law, and many others. Sikkim happened to be the first state in India to regulate and allow gambling through online mode but only on the premises of physically located gaming hubs.

Can I bet Online?

Yes, of course, you can. In the recent occurrences of Dream11 IPL betting online, Paytm has also brought similar and was banned from the Google Play store for violating its policies. This raised suspicions among many people about whether online betting is legal or face any problem. As long as the betting is placed on a game of skill and not on a game of chance, there would be no problem, and as for now, there is no law related to online betting; you can go for it.

Is it safe?

Many of the youth are being attracted to gamble online to make quick money. But is it safe, and should you participate in gambling online? The answer is left to your conscience but understand that gambling most of the time is seen as pure luck and not guaranteed money. With the leaking of IPL match-fixing, concerns have been raised about it. Also, many fraud websites have popped up which loot your money, and you have nowhere to go and complain to regain your lost money. It is to be noted that not everyone in the world of online data HK gambling will succeed. With even the most secured websites being hacked, do you think these websites have no chance to be hacked? Executing caution while you proceed with it is mandated.

Therefore, you have to be very sure not to fall into the trap and choose to bet only in the trusted sources and to bet on the games of skills such as Cricket (which has been a debate since the match-fixing of IPL popped up), Horse Race, Poker, Rummy, etc.