We all know what does the word “Gambling” means. We know it so well that as soon as we hear the word gambling, our mind gets a kick and starts running the thoughts like the high you get while gambling or the excitement you get when you win or the resentment and guilt you face after losing. It’s all part of the game and has ever been, but what has changed is that gambling came to the virtual world, and the concept of judi Online was born.

It is exactly how it sounds, gambling online. You go on the internet, pick the sport you want to gamble with, and start doing it, and it’s that simple. Doesn’t matter where you are, who you are. You can gamble anytime from anywhere in the world.


Living a life without the internet sounds savage, right? But there was a time when everything that happens today on the internet used to happen without it, and one practice is gambling.

With the internet revolution in the late 90’s gambling also took along and made its presence in the virtual world. At that time, it wasn’t that huge, but today, it’s a billion-dollar business, and you can gamble on anything from lottery to horse betting to poker with just a click.

The first-ever online gambling website was supported by Microgaming, a well-known casino software developer in the industry. The first poker website came live in 1998; even as early as this, the industry has grown to about $830 million.

Opinions of the general population on Online Gambling are still the same even after two decades that is majorly negative. People other than those who are doing it consider gambling as malpractice.


Online gambling is no exception when it comes to criticism, and it receives the same level of criticism as normal or physical gambling. It is considered an addiction and has proven fatal to many in both mental and economical aspects. As it’s easily accessible thru the web, the youth is also getting attracted to it. Exposure to gambling at such early life stage can leave long-lasting adverse effects, such as addiction or depression.

Since it also provides ease in transactions, children exposed to this resort to unethical ways to obtain the money they need to gamble with, like using their parent’s money without their consent or stealing or borrowing at such early ages. And when confronted, it can leave a negative impact on the child’s mind. Not just children, adults also get themselves into credit card debts to continue playing.